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World’s largest current limiting reactors supplied

Project of superlatives: Trench completed order for world’s largest high voltage current-limiting reactors which are also the biggest AC dry-type air-core reactors on the planet.

The 500 kilovolt (kV) grid in the northeast area of Shanghai has encountered a serious problem with the available short circuit current. The reason for this is the density of the grid and various incoming power flows from nearby power plants and ultra-high voltage (UHV) alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) transmission stations in Shanghai. Trench provided the right solution for the State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company and is looking back on six months of satisfactory operation.

An important node in the grid is the Yanghang substation. It is the key 500 kV station in the area with more than ten 500 kV outgoing feeders, among which there are two feeders connected to the huge Waigaoqiao fossil power plant in northeast of Shanghai. Trench’s solution for the short circuit current: to deliver and install six phases of 500 kV current-limiting reactors (CLR) and related 500 kV coupling capacitors (CC) for the Yanghang substation. “With our equipment the customer would control the short-circuit current and dramatically improve the safety of the power grid”, explains Gu Enjie, responsible for domestic marketing at Trench China. 

Expertise based on experience 

For the safety consideration of the power grid and economical solution to reduce the maximum short-circuit current and due to previous satisfactory experience with a similar solution for Sijing substation, the customer approved the CLR solution for this project. “This success is a success of the entire Trench project team”, states Gu Enjie and further emphasizes: “With several rounds of internal evaluation by the customer and investigation to all potential suppliers on the product manufacturing and site layout feasibility, the customer was convinced of our technical expertise and accepted our comments and recommendations on the product layout configuration and its independent coupling capacitors.”

Project of superlatives

In October 2014, Trench China successfully delivered all the six phases of 500 kV CLRs and related 500 kV coupling capacitors to the project site. Soon after the delivery, the customer finished the site installation and put the world’s biggest AC dry-type air-core reactors into operation.
With this project, once again, Trench was able to demonstrate their technological leadership resulting from more than 60 years of experience, exceptional R&D and a deep commitment to challenges in the power industry. 





Current-limiting reactor during installation on site in 500 kV Yanghang substation located in Shanghai, China.


Current-limiting reactor during installation on site in 500 kV Yanghang substation located in Shanghai, China.